LadderOur mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning and to provide our students with the skills needed to contribute to their communities as insightful, effective, caring individuals. To do this we have created a child-centered school where exploration, creativity, academic challenge, problem solving, choice, individuality and play all thrive.

At the heart of the Neighborhood Schoolhouse philosophy is the understanding that we are all students as well as teachers. We learn in all types of environments, at all times of day. When we trust each other we take risks from which we emerge changed. How children go about their learning is as important as what they learn. Children learn in their own unique way and at their own unique pace.

Our responsibility is to nurture and encourage each child’s growth by providing a rich and challenging environment. We educate the whole child, realizing the importance of social, emotional, intellectual and creative growth. We provide a safe nurturing environment in which children’s development needs are recognized. We provide opportunities for children to take an active role in their education and to interact with children of all ages. Our students raise questions and seek answers on their own. They experiment, discover the diversity within themselves and their surroundings and openly meet new challenges.

We believe that ultimately education must encourage students to care; to care about themselves, about others, and about their own ability to effect positive change in their world.