Parents often ask what “kind” of school Neighborhood is. There’s no pre-printed label for our unique approach, but our teaching methods draw heavily from the following frameworks:

·      Experiential education, based on the scientific method and hands-on learning (with deep roots in progressive education)

·      The theory of multiple intelligences, which holds that intelligence is not only cognitive but also artistic, musical, physical, social, and spiritual

·      The Reggio Emilia approach, which honors the individuality of young learners and emphasizes a child-led curriculum

Students are grouped in multi-age, non-graded classes that foster an atmosphere of trust. We view environmental education, the arts, and social-emotional skills as core subjects that have equal status with the “three Rs,” and our hands-on methodology aids comprehension and retention.

 The one-room-schoolhouse learning environment nurtures each student within the framework of the classroom community. This allows each child to learn and grow at a rate that is developmentally appropriate.

These methods contribute to later success in school and in life. For more than thirty years, we’ve watched our students blossom into life-long learners and leaders who love school and have the self-knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams.