What Neighborhood Means to Parents, Students, Alumni and Teachers

What it comes down to for me is that my kids love school. They don’t want to miss a day.”Jane Noyes

Two free spirits, one compass.

My son was extremely well prepared for the academic challenges of middle school. NSH has also done a wonderful job preparing him for life.”Janice Stockman

“What Claire Xiu Yi loved best about Neighborhood was the way all parts of her – mind, body, and spirit – were engaged in exploring, learning, and growing.” –Paul Smith

“I sometimes get nervous that my kids are having too much fun for this to really be school. But their skills and knowledge amaze me – and their self-esteem and natural curiosity remain intact. School does not have to hurt.” –Paula Melton

“We appreciate that children and teachers from all grades seem to know one another well, and interact on a daily basis.  There is no division based on age or grade, other than learning skill sets.  When our daughter was in pre-school, 4th-graders were excited to see her, and called her over to play.  And that cameraderie extends even to parents–many of the kids call us by name, and talk and joke with us when we are at school.” –Deidra Razzaque and Eddy Bravo Perez


“We spend a lot of time outside.  The teachers spend a lot of time really paying attention to kids’ learning rates, and give them work that suits them. We play at lot of games at this school – learning games and games for fun.” –Silas Holmes, Grade .

It is  fun, and we learn lots of math, animals and nature. You can make lots of new friends. The teachers here are loving, kind, smart teachers. –Claire Holmes, Grade 2


I like how there are small classrooms so you get a sense of community and a lot of one-on-one time with teachers. Teachers do a lot of hands-on activities, and they are very supportive of students.”Morgan Ingalls

Neighborhood Schoolhouse taught me to love learning, not to learn for testing, memorization or to compete for the best grade.”Joey Leuchter-Mindel


Laura helps children use the field guide.

“It was a privilege to work at The Neighborhood Schoolhouse! I valued having the creative license to use the inquiry process to develop unique, integrated projects that made learning an adventure for all of us, every day.”Jen Manwell

I grew up in Westminster West and had my mother, Claire Oglesby, as my teacher.  Later in life she became my mentor in education, as she was recognized as one of the best teachers in the country.  When I first visited Neighborhood, I was a new teacher looking for ideas and creative ways to teach.  I spent days at the school learning everything I could.  Years later, after spending a year in the public school system watching my son become discouraged about learning and refusing to go to school, I saw a Neighborhood job posting and applied.  What happened next changed my life and both my children’s lives.  Not only has Neighborhood given me the best professional experience of anywhere I’ve worked, but it has also given my children the richest learning experience that any parent could ask for. Both children love the school, and each one has a very unique learning style and strengths which are both honored and nurtured at this school. They CRY when it’s a snow day.  Neighborhood reminds me of the excellent education I had as a child.  The school is everything that my mom saw and knew was important in education, and every day our family is thankful for being a part of the NSH community.Molly Oglesby


Teachers celebrate the first day of school with a parade.