Faculty and Staff

Connie Cline: Principal



Molly Oglesby: Lead Teacher of the Preschool Program

Molly comes to the Neighborhood Schoolhouse with more than 25 years of experience in the early childhood field. With a background in teaching in a multiage classroom as well as experience in special education and tutoring, she creates a classroom where students are eager to learn, play, explore, create, dance, sing, laugh, feel safe, have fun, be curious and succeed. Molly co-founded preschools in Wilmington and Wardsboro. As an ELF/4 Winds volunteer, she brought her love and knowledge of nature to children ages 3 to 8, an awareness she also brings to the preschool program here. Molly began serving as the school’s Principal during the 2009-2010 school year.


Stacey Johnston: Assistant Teacher: Preschool Program

Stacey brings six years of teaching experience to the preschool classroom. She works closely with parents to promote understanding of their child’s growth and development, and looks for the sparkle in the children’s eyes as her primary motivation to give the love and energy that teaching requires. She believes that freedom to explore combined with learning to accept responsibility helps children define their place as individuals and members of the group.

Dot MacDonald: Literacy Specialist and Alumni Relations

Dot joined Neighborhood in 1989 as a special aide in the pre-school program, and has been here ever since. She was the lead kindergarten teacher for 15 years before taking on the one-on-one role of literacy specialist for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. She has a bachelor’s degree from New York University and extensive training as a literacy tutor. A lover of the outdoors, Dot spends time hiking and biking, and has completed both the Appalachian Trail and a cross-country cycling tour.



Mac Oglesby: Advanced Math Specialist

Mac Oglesby has been volunteering at The Neighborhood Schoolhouse with the elementary class during the past three years, doing math exercises with the older children. He began his teaching career in 1958 as wood shop teacher at The City and Country School, a notable private school in Manhattan. He also taught at The Grammar School in Putney along with his wife, Claire, and served as principal there for two years. Mac later moved on to Grafton Elementary and Westminster Center School, and retired from teaching in 1992. He has a private pilot’s license and a passion for sundials, several of which can be seen nearby.

Mary Cay

Mary Cay Brass: Music Teacher

Mary Cay has worked for 8 years as a classroom music teacher in public and private schools in southern Vermont. She now works regularly as an artist-in-residence in New England schools, working thematically with teachers to create programs of songs and folk dances. Her specialty is finding songs and dances to complement themes being studied in a classroom or school. Using traditional music to create community is her life-long passion and commitment.


Brian Robertshaw: Environmental Educator

A Boy Scout since childhood, Brian has been sharing the out-of-doors with others since his teen years. He teaches wilderness skills to both children and adults throughout New England, and is also the director of the wilderness studies program at Kindle Farm school and a co-founder of the Vermont Wilderness School. In addition to his wilderness leadership activities, Brian is also the founder and owner of Beadniks in downtown Brattleboro.

The Board

  • President: Mary Gyori
  • Vice President: Cory Frehsee
  • Treasurer:  Jim Kirby
  • Secretary: Carol Ortlip