The Neighborhood Schoolhouse is a small, independent school, which has been inspiring a life-long love of learning through an emphasis on the arts, environmental education, and social-emotional skills, since 1980.

At the Neighborhood Schoolhouse you’ll find few desks, but many tables, rugs, and learning stations where the students work and play together. The freedom we give students to move while learning aids their social development, builds community and trust, and boosts comprehension and retention.

Here, the classroom doesn’t end at the walls of the building. Our campus adjoins a protected 400-acre forest just a mile from downtown Brattleboro. The playgrounds, the gardens, the surrounding Vermont forest, and our historic New England town are all part of our unique learning environment.

Our programs include Preschool (ages 3 to 5), Pre-K/Kindergarten (ages 4 1/2 to 6) and Elementary (ages 6 to 12).  Please contact us and come by for a visit, or check us out on Facebook.